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Kizomba is a gorgeously sensual dance originating from our very own Angola! It’s time for Africa! This rhythmic dance mixes traditional Semba with Angola’s merengue creating movement and music within which to utterly lose oneself!

Kizomba is fast becoming one of the most popular dances at Latin and Salsa festivals worldwide, enjoying entire dance floors and thousands of dancers to itself!  

And now you can learn it, on African soil! We teach Kizomba Beginners and Improvers. Our Kizomba courses are on Thursday nights at 7pm at 112 Loop Street, Cape Town. 


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39 thoughts on “Kizomba”

  1. What are your rates and what is the schedule

    • Hi Lungiswa!
      We are glad you are interested in Salsa! We charge R300 per month per course. The schedule is as follows:

      Tuesdays @ 120 Buitengracht street (Above Soundmatch)
      7pm-8pm -Beginners LA Style Salsa
      7pm-8pm -Improvers LA Style Salsa
      8pm-9pm -Bachata
      Wednesdays @ 1st Floor, KFC Building, Gabriel Road, Plumstead
      7.30pm- 8.30pm Beginners LA Style Salsa
      Thursdays @ 112 Loop Street, 5th floor
      8pm-9pm – Intermediate LA Style Salsa
      9pm-10pm – KIZOMBA!! (Beginners)

      Saturdays @ 112 Loop Street, 5th floor:
      Private Lessons available by appointment from 12pm-4pm
      Private lessons cost R300 per hour.

      I hope that helps!

  2. I tried an sms query but got no response. How many lessons in a course? Can you confirm whether private lessons are available on Saturday’s?

    • Hi Kobus

      Apologies about the sms, Carlos’ phone has been out of action for a day or so.
      Our courses run over 8 weeks and there is one lesson a week in each course. The cost is R300 per person per month. We started new courses this week. If you are interested in Kizomba, the course starts tonight at 9.15pm at 112 Loop street, Cape Town.

      We have private lesson on Saturdays. These cost R300 an hour or if you book 6 at a time the cost is R1500 (the last lesson is free). Currently we have one slot that is available.

      Would you like to book for a course or for a private lesson?

      Kind Regards
      060 973 8689
      (Please call me if you arrive at the gate tonight so that I can let you in…)

  3. Mapheyeledi said:

    Hi Lani,

    I will be coming for the beginner Kizomba classes tonight at 21.00.


    • Great! See you there!! Call us if the gate is locked.. 060 973 8689.. And watch out for parking as it is First Thursdays in town.. 🙂 We are ging to have FUN! 😀

  4. liezl daniels said:

    Hi! How much are the kizomba classes for beginners and could u please let me know the exact venues in plumstead area as well as times?
    Thank u

  5. Hi,

    What is the entrance charge for a first time class?


  6. Chelsi Sylvester said:

    Hi there, I am interested in learning Kizomba and I was just wondering when the new classes start? I am aware that one started in Feb but is there one starting again for beginners?
    Thank you!

  7. Theresa said:

    hi. is it too late to join a class now?

  8. Terri Fernandez said:

    Hey! We are 2 ladies wanting to join Kizomba beginners class. Please advise when next course starts and details etc. Do we need to bring along partners? and what is the dress code? Thanks Terri 🙂

    • Hi Terri, Great! the new course starts 10th September 2015. The course is 8 weeks long and costs R300 per person per month. Partners are an added bonus but are not essential. There is no particular dress-code, come as you are! Send us an email so that we can make your booking for the course! 🙂

  9. Letitia said:

    Good day

    Hi I’m very interested in your kizomba classes. From what I’ve read, your courses are R300 per month per person. How long is the course and when how do I go about signing up?

    Kind regards

  10. Sharne Mostert said:

    Hi. When does the next beginners salsa course start at the Plumstead venue.

  11. Hi
    I missed the beginners kizomba course
    when will your next beginners course start?

  12. Hi, would like to know when the kizomba classes take place and when I am able to join now ?
    Also am I able to join a trial lesson and how much will it cost?

    Must I also come with a partner ?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Chichi,
      The new Kizomba course starts next week, Thursday 5th November at 9pm. The cost for the month is R300 per person or R450 per couple. A trial lesson is R90, if you then choose to join us for the rest of the course you will only pay the balance of the fees. Partners are welcome but not necessary, we change partners in the class all the time! Let us know if you would like to book your spot in the course!
      Kind regards

  13. Hi there,

    When does the new set of beginners start?

    Kind regards,

  14. Terence Govender said:

    Hi, we would like to learn to dance kizumbo for our wedding in May 2016.
    Please let us know about private lessons.
    My email
    Address is attached.

  15. Please could I get the date for the next course

  16. Also see that last course started in May 2016- when is the next round starting?

  17. Edward Nsereko said:

    This type of dance unite different categories of people.

  18. Alberto Candundo said:

    Hi, I would like to learn dancing Kizomba and I’d like to know when you are starting classes and how much per month,

    l am looking foreword hearing from you. plz foreword me any up to date to my e-mail address

    • Hi Alberto! Great! The new course starts next week on the 7th July 2016 at 8pm at 112 Loop Street (5th floor), Cape Town. The cost is R350 per person per month and the course is 8 weeks long. The cost decreases if you bring friends! The classes are progressive and lots of fun! Would you like to book a spot in the new course?
      Kind regards

  19. Hi there. Would love to join the plumstead course.

  20. Hi there

    Where is your location? What are you rates? And time table for kizomba beginners.

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