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Do you know something random I love about salsa?

It removes all the status with which people are normally labelled. What I mean is this: On the floor of many salsa parties are heart surgeons, computer geniuses, CEOs, business owners and those who only need to work for six months of the year. Dancing right alongside them are penniless students, NGO volunteers, teachers, lecturers and  the down and out.  Yet most often, nobody knows and nobody really cares what their dance partners do – as long as they dance and enjoy it!

It’s about the dance, it’s about the music, and it’s about the fun. It is not about what you do in the week. That doesn’t matter. You’re there to dance!

I grant you that there may be a little awe here and a pat on the back there for those more experienced dancers, but this in no way determines any hierarchical order within the salsa community.

Tell us what random thing you love about salsa?

Dance on salsa lovers!