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That moment when the music pounds in your heart

Adrenaline surges through your every vain

You connect with the band

You connect with your partner across the floor

You dance towards each other


Every speedy beat is expressed in your body and in his

You meet in the middle

You do not touch

Rather you dance around each other

The music creating the strongest bond

He moves

You respond


Swift notes move your limbs

A drum roll shakes your hips

A slight pause causes an intake of breath

He takes your hand and spins you around him

The music surges through you both


Another shimmy

He leads two quick combs

Spontaneously you roll your bodies towards each other

The music slows

You are spun

And caught

And lowered

A dip!


Ah! That moment!

See you at the Havana 1950s Salsa Party! 13 October!